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Trigger-Point Practitioner Directory

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Dear Practitioners:

As author of “Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help” book-on-CD ROM and "Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches & Migraines - Your Self-Treatment Workbook for Pain Relief," I frequently get inquires from readers and internet users about how to find a trigger point therapy practitioner.  To answer those queries, I’ve developed a Practitioner Directory as part of the website:, or  This is a brand-new directory, as of April 2008.   

Practitioners will be listed in the order in which they are approved, after being sorted by location, so it is to your advantage to list sooner rather than later.  Practitioners who have completed the online course (see will be inserted at the top of the list, in the order in which they completed the course.  (For sample listings see Alaska or Pain Relief Products.)

To get listed, you must be a doctor, massage therapist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, osteopath, clinic, or other practitioner with training in treating trigger points, a school offering classes in Trigger Point Therapy, or carry products that are related to pain relief and/or trigger point treatments.  If you are a practitioner, you will need to provide proof of your credentials in your specialty (an e-mailed scan sent to is preferred).  You must also have a minimum of 40 hours of training specifically in trigger points and provide proof of that training, or complete the on-line training found at .  I will personally review all submissions.  If you have questions, please email me at .

Directory Listing Request Form

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After you are notified of your listing approval, go to the link below and make a PayPal payment for your initial listing setup of $75 for the first year.  Do not make a payment until you are notified to do so.  Annual renewals are $25.  Failure to make a payment within 30 days of your renewal notice will result in removal of your listing, and there will be an additional fee of $20 for reinstating your listing.  Prices may change as the site develops and services expand over time.

You are responsible for notifying me of any updates needed for your listing.  Send the request to, and put ATTN: Directory Listing Update Request in the subject line.

Best wishes for your successful trigger point practice!
Valerie DeLaune, LAc

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