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Product Shipping

Within the United States - Direct purchases from using PayPal are charged a flat shipping rate that is guaranteed. Shipments from will normally be made within two business days by U.S. Priority Mail. Because shipments are coming from Alaska, there may occasionally be transit delays due to inclement weather. U.S. domestic shipping and handling charges are noted on the Store page. Purchases made through are shipped independently of and the associated costs of shipping and handling are assessed by that seller. Purchases made through are shipped by, but the shipping costs are calculated and charged by

International - International mail will be shipped via U.S. Global Priority Mail to the 51 countries served by Global Priority Mail. Shipments will generally arrive within 4-6 days, but since shipments are being mailed from Alaska, weather may delay transit time by 2-3 days. For shipment to countries where U.S. Global Priority mail is available, shipping and handling rates are noted on the Orders page. If U.S. Global Priority Mail is not available in your area, we will advise you via e-mail of the actual shipping charges prior to shipping.

According to United States law, products cannot not be shipped to Cuba, Egypt, French Guiana, Iran, and Syria. Due to software licensing agreements and United States law, products may not be exported or re-exported into Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria or any other U.S. embargoed country or to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Department of Commerce's Table of Denial Orders. Alaskan Natural Care, Inc., may not knowingly provide the included software to a member located in, under control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list.

Warranty and Return Policy

This product is guaranteed free from defects for 30 days from the date of purchase, or your product will be replaced free of charge upon return of the original product. E-mail for a return authorization, and tell us the nature of the defect and your registration code. Your registration code will be inactivated.  If you choose to purchase a product that your system does not support, you do so at your own risk. If parts of the CD ROM/Flashdrive are not working properly on your computer, please first attempt to solve the problem by visiting our troubleshooting page at  If that does not solve the problem, then you will be required to provide information regarding your type of computer, browser, and software, so that we can help you troubleshoot the problem.  You may be required to change the security settings on Internet Explorer to allow the content to run on your computer.  Returns will be accepted for defects only, and product will be replaced only, and not refunded.

Please enclose the packing slip enclosed with the CD ROM/Flashdrive along with the original packaging verifying your purchase from Alaskan Natural Care Inc.  By opening the CD/Flashdrive wrapper, you are agreeing to this warranty and return policy.  

If you are unsure whether this CD ROM/Flashdrive meets your needs, please see sample chapters located at prior to removing the wrapper. If you decide you want to return an unopened package, you may do so, and a $10 shipping & handling fee will be deducted from the refund. 

Do not return the product with a receipt signature required – it will not be picked up at the post office and will be returned to you.  If you want tracking, return the product via UPS or FedEx.

Registering Your CD-ROM/Flashdrive

It is important to register your complete information within 21 days of purchase in order to be eligible for technical support. If we cannot verify that you purchased the product, know how to contact you, or what operating system you use, we cannot offer technical support for your purchase. Your information will go no further than our registration list for verification of purchase and technical support. Please include your name and registration code along with any requests for technical support.

The Registration number is now located inside the case, behind the CD ROM/Flashdrive on a white sticker, rather than on the back of the case as with earlier editions of the CD-ROM. You must have an internet connection in order to register online. The registration process requires accepting a "cookie" on your computer.

Note to Mac users: Your default browser, Safari, does not accept cookies. This setting cannot be changed. If you wish to register via the internet using a Mac, you will need to temporarily switch your default browser to Internet Explorer, which also comes standard on your machine.

The CD ROM/Flashdrive is intended for use on one computer, and copying the CD ROM/Flashdrive is a violation of United States Copyright laws. By using the CD ROM/Flashdrive you are indicating acceptance of the License Agreement included with the CD ROM/Flashdrive.

Requisite CD-ROM/Flashdrive Software

If you are unable to view portions of the CD ROM/Flashdrive, you may not have the necessary software installed on your computer. Not all computers come with Macromedia Flash, QuickTime, and Adobe Acrobat pre-installed. This does not mean there is something wrong with the CD ROM/Flashdrive. On the bottom of the menu on the left, there is a button that says "Required Software Installation." You can select the needed software from the next page. All computers install software differently, so if your computer does not make the process for installing the downloads clear, try visiting the Troubleshooting page.

Technical Support and Help

If the instructions and methods listed in the troubleshooting page do not solve your problem, don't fret! Technical support by email is available at  Please note that I do my best to respond to email inquiries within two business days during Alaska Standard Time (AST) business hours (that's 4 hours different from the East Coast). Because I treat patients, run a clinic, and sometimes travel to remote areas that don't have computer access, that is not always possible. In these circumstances, I will respond to your e-mail or call as soon as possible, and thank you for your patience.

Alaskan Natural Care, Inc.     (907) 435-7060
The information contained in this trigger point book on CD-ROM is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent your specific medical conditions or prescribe medications or supplements. As with any health condition, you need to see a licensed practitioner in the appropriate specialty for diagnosis and treatment. Accessibility statement.
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