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Trigger Point Self-Help CD-ROM

Press Your Pain Away!

pain relief self help

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Trigger Point Books


Live a pain-free life by relieving trigger points…

“Trigger points” form when blood flow to a muscle cell has been reduced, leading to pain. Common causes are injuries and muscle mis-use. If enough trigger points form in one area, you may feel a “knot” in the muscle. Trigger points aren’t necessarily located in the area of pain.

Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self Help is a multi-media book on CD-ROM containing:

  • Color photo overlays of common trigger point referral patterns
  • Lists of common symptoms and causes for each muscle’s trigger points
  • 144 video clips of proven self-help techniques for pain relief, including pressure techniques, stretches, and exercises
  • Helpful hints for becoming pain-free
  • Information drawn from trigger point injection texts by Doctors Janet Travell and David G. Simons
  • Navigates in your web browser, including a search feature
  • A great resource for any practitioner treating pain syndromes.


[The CD] has essays on what trigger points are, therapies, perpetuating factors, general guidelines for self-help, and a complete listing of more than 100 muscles. There are main drawings of the muscles, with solid red areas that show the most painful areas, and there are shadowy areas that have fewer dots, denoting areas that are stiff or uncomfortable when a given muscle has trigger points. These drawings also show the surface anatomy of the trigger points, followed by anatomical drawings that can be enlarged when you click on them. Finally, there are little movie-camera icons that show DeLaune demonstrating different stretches and trigger-point releases on QuickTime.

The essays are well thought out and interesting reading. The author is interesting and more than fair in describing the different therapies.

The quality of her essays is uniformly high..'s well-researched, comprehensive, the videography was professionally done, and overall, when in the program, it is relatively easy to use.

-Steven Lavitan, DC, LAc
from a review in Nutritional Wellness

“I’d buy them for family members for X-mas...It is a great idea, very helpful and an exciting new direction for self-help. We should all strive to help ourselves more as we strive for optimum health! Thanks Valerie, for inviting me to test this book-on-CD out !!!”  -Suzanne H.

The videos were a stroke of genius! They helped me get it right much quicker than just reading about how to work the muscles. The biggest advantage to the videos is that over time, my self-work sometimes morphs into less-than-helpful exercises. With the videos, I can refer back if I need to check my form...I was amazed at the product! This CD puts everything I need to know about trigger points in one location. The videos are amazing, so helpful. This is an amazing piece of work!”   - Leila V.

“The chapter on Perpetuating Factors was so helpful and insightful... Excellent! You didn’t leave anything out. All bases are covered. I love your introduction too. I should be healed in no time. Thank you.” -Marla J.

I personally find this a fabulous tool to use/incorporate into my present practice, as well as personal use. I think a person could utilize the self-help videos to facilitate specific areas.”  - Rachel B. (Massage Therapist)

“The photos showing the area of pain are excellent...The videos were great and easy to follow...Everything was laid out clearly...I think it is a great concept. It is amazing what you can do with a tennis ball and stretching.” -Arnold and Lisa I.

This is a remarkable book which I will continue to use...Exercises were clear and easy to follow. I had [a lot of pain before my last massage] and began the exercises with some pain. Pain is virtually gone now after three weeks...This CD would be most helpful for athletes, or for anyone who has an interest in taking hold of their own self-care. It is very educational in nature, easy to follow, and inspiring. Thanks for putting it all together!”   -Sally D.

“This is a very clever, intelligent approach to self-discovery & self-help. I focused on the sternocleidomastoid and was amazed at the list of common symptoms – it explained many seemingly unrelated symptoms that seemed to flare up without explanation.”  -Jill S.

December 20, 2005:  "I recently bought this, and after a short time using it, I can recommend it highly. Besides very clear advice and tips about various muscle pain problems, the video clips are extremely helpful, showing clearly how to work on the trigger points. The video clips are one of the best things about this CD-ROM.

Then an update on March 11, 2008:  My back is quite fine these days - I no longer take any pills - a few years ago I had serious back pain problems.  I do go to yoga once a week, and I do a few exercises at home -- the one trigger point exercise that is most useful for me is the one in which you lie on your back, and press the stomach muscles - I often have a few tight points in the muscles on the left side in the stomach area.  I do the trigger point pressing in the morning, and again at night."  - Philip G.

"As a trainer and practicing therapist with over a decade of experience in bodywork and natural healing, I found the techniques and video within "Pain Relief with Trigger Point" to be very clear and well demonstrated. I have used them to relieve pain for many of my clients and loved ones. Every therapist and those who manage pain themselves or as a care-giver should own a copy. Superb!" - Ray A.

" I have been utilizing myofascial trigger point therapy in my practice for many years.  I have found that a success treatment plan depends greatly on the client’s ability to continue with self-treatment away from the clinic.  Consequently, self-treatment trigger point therapy books are an important adjunct to my patient’s plan of care.  I am especially impressed with the self-help books and reference materials by Valerie DeLaune, LAc.  Her work is well organized and comprehensive, including stretches, which makes for a single point of reference for your patients’ home program.  I would highly recommend utilizing her self-help trigger point therapy books. -Wendy Larson, MSPT, Centre Point Physical Therapy, owner

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The information contained in this trigger point book on CD-ROM is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent your specific medical conditions or prescribe medications or supplements. As with any health condition, you need to see a licensed practitioner in the appropriate specialty for diagnosis and treatment. Accessibility statement.
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