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Private Consult *

Email/phone consultations are $200 for an initial consult, and $100 per half-hour for subsequent consults.  Go here to pay.

 The initial consult includes my review of your information, a phone or email interview (a phone interview if you are in the United States, or an email interview if you are in another country), and a follow-up email with my initial recommendations.

 Follow-up consults will include review of your progress, and a follow-up email with my next set of recommendations.

1.   To prepare for an initial consult, download a medical history form.  Fill this out as completely as possible, to get the most value from your consult.   Also send any written MRI/X-ray reports or lab work you have had done.

2.   You will also download a blank body chart, color in exactly where you feel your symptoms with a colored highlighter (it is much more difficult for me to see pen/pencil markings).  I will be trying to match your referral patterns with common trigger point referral patterns, so circles and X’s are not helpful.

 3.   Go to Initial Consult to pay for your initial consult.

 4.   Scan your completed forms, and email them to Private Consult.

 5.   For follow-up consults, please fill out the follow-up form (you can type right in the WORD doc) and another blank body chart, and email it to Private Consult.  Go to Follow-up Consult to pay for your follow-up consult.


*    Note:  If at all possible, you should see a trained professional for in-person appointments.  Phone/email consults do not allow for me to palpate your muscles, which is very valuable information.  This service is being offered for people who either do not have the option of consulting with a trained professional (and are willing to do self-help techniques found in one of my books) or wish to supplement the work of a professional, or for consults for professionals.




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