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[My daughter] says she is getting relief from the acupuncture.  This is the first time in nearly 15 years that I've heard her say that -- I'm so glad!!  She used to come home from school and sit and cry in pain, and there wasn't anything we did that seemed to help."  (Cindi L.)

I have gone to Valerie for relief of chronic pain and relief from menopausal systems.  Her treatments worked wonders on the pain, and the acupuncture was wonderful in relieving my menopause systems.  Another benefit from the acupuncture was a change for the better of my overall mood, so it not only helped physically but emotionally as well.  (Linda C.)

"After enduring months of aggravation with a neck strain, my chiropractor suggest that [Alaskan Acupuncture] might help.  I tried Alaskan Acupuncture and noticed almost immediate improvement.  After a few weeks, a problem that had been chronic for months was cured."  (P. Voelckers)

"[My treatments] alleviated a long-term chronic pain situation and gave me the tools to continue treating myself."  Janice M.M.)

I had severe damage to the ulnar nerve in my right arm and major surgery on it approximately 13 years ago now.  I was told I would never regain full use of my arm again.  I was in rehab for three years and was able to get full mobility back.  Four years ago a friend of mine bought me a beginning session coupon to see Valerie because I was in constant pain, had lost a great deal of feeling in my arm and shoulder and was down to minimal use of my arm. The night before my appointment I was actually so exhausted from it I was in tears and almost didn't go. THANK THE GOOD LORD I DID!  Not only have I regained most of the feeling back in my arm/shoulder, but I gained the knowledge of how to work on it at home to keep it that way.  Today I have full mobility again and am virtually pain free!  I also gained a practitioner whom I trust deeply (I have taken my 10 year old daughter to see her) and whom I gladly recommend - Valerie DeLaune. ( K. Onstott)

I was treated at Alaskan Acupuncture  for a foot injury.  The treatments hastening healing and helped alleviate my pain. I highly recommend Valerie DeLaune for any NMT problem."  (T. Laskey)

"I was so relaxed after my treatment that I forgot I had driven my car and I walked home!  The next day I couldn't figure out where my car was for a few moments..."  (-db-)

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